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Pamper yourself and prevent illness

Free Press Article – January 27, 2012

Carolyn Lampshire, L.E.

Lose weight, lift weights, run that extra mile … these are the resolutions that many people are making at this time of year in order to change old habits and choose health. We have a different idea.

How about pampering as a way to prevent health problems? Not many people have thought about how pampering can lead to health gains and prevention of illness. Research makes it clear that massage, skin care and aromatherapy are avenues to stress reduction and overall health. According to Dr. Oz, up to 90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses. Pampering is a wonderful way to de-stress and to deal with other health issues as well.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine abnormalities on the face are often indications of toxicity in the body and, specifically, the affected area on the face reflects which organ is involved or blocked. Facials combined with acupressure and aromatherapy help clear those blocks and return you to good health. In addition the three practices together lift your spirit, promote peaceful sleep and improve skin tone. Remember, the skin is the body’s first line of defense against infection. We want it healthy to do its job.

When you go the next step and add therapeutic and relaxing massage to the mix you enhance the benefits many times over. Therapeutic massage is a true medical intervention. It increases the circulation of blood and lymph and that, in turn, boosts immune functioning. Massage prevents stagnation, helps with digestion, releases toxins stored in muscle tissue, and keeps the skin supple and malleable. Massage keeps body systems moving freely aiding in personal health.

At Healing Horizons we promote prevention. Jackie King, licensed massage therapist, and I have created “Pamper Packages” to give you the opportunity to discover for yourself the benefits of a “therapeutic time-out.” The Pamper Packages are designed to combine massage, a facial, acupressure and aromatherapy into a single, 90-minute, therapeutic session that will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and on the road to better overall health by encouraging all the systems of the body to function efficiently, effectively and free of stress.

Don’t just put down the barbells, or give up the running and healthy eating, but do add pampering yourself to the list of resolutions you plan to keep in order to get healthy and stay healthy. Isn’t it nice to know there’s another idea and that it doesn’t ALL have to be hard work? Come see us and get pampered for health.


Carolyn Lampshire, L.E., has been a licensed esthetician since 2000, and has had training in aromatherapy. At Healing Horizons, Carolyn works with acupuncturists who provide Chinese medicine combined with her modalities changing the face of skincare. For more information, visit Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions located at 2139 N. 12th St. #7 or call 970-256-8449.

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