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Grand Junction, CO
Caregiver with Patient

Laura Cartwright

“As a caregiver and leader, I am typically the person asking the questions. My sessions with Dr. King have been deeply meaningful and have afforded me the opportunity to be on the receiving end of the questions- especially as it pertains to my own self-care, boundaries and overall health. In the process, I’ve been able to refocus on my purpose and I am beginning to weed out those things that don’t align with it, so I can lean into and offer up my best gifts.”

Mother and Daughter

Chancey G

Mother’s Day means a lot to me for so many personal reasons. Professionally, it means a lot to me, too! Chinese medicine works seeming miracles for those struggling with infertility, and it is my honor to help! Recently one of my awesome fertility patients brought her precious little daughter to meet me (we got to know each other first while she was in the womb). Here is what my patient had to say: “After 3 heartbreaking miscarriages in a 6 month period, I knew I needed to look outside my comfort zone if I wanted to have my dream number of 3 children. I met Dr. Schulte through a mutual friend and decided to give acupuncture a try. She was so professional and caring. I immediately felt at ease. Dr. Schulte gave me hope when I wasn’t sure there was any. Through my time working with Dr. Schulte and others at Healing Horizons for my fertility issues, I felt extremely cared for and supported. I am ecstatic to say I now have a 2 week old happy, healthy baby girl! I am so grateful to everyone at Healing Horizons for their support and professionalism.”

Bowl of Berries

Sharyl P

“April, maybe for a lot of people, this doesn’t qualify as a “miracle” but it surely does to me: on Saturday, my husband and dog and I went for a walk! The sunshine was glorious, nothing in my body hurt; it was one of the best days of my life ever! I am so grateful for your and your colleagues’ help and support in this healing process.”

Autumn Legs

Candace W

“I was experiencing pain in my left leg from hip to ankle. After 3 sessions with Koko the pain was 95% gone. Today was the fourth treatment and I am pain free! Koko is an amazing therapist and I would highly recommend her expertise to all.”

Fall Tokens

Bev H

“I have had restless legs and painful toes. After six weeks of acupuncture my legs are great! I have had lots of improvement in my toe pain. I now go once a month for maintenance. It’s the best hour of my whole month. Thanks Joseph!”

Bowl of Berries


“Health involves so much more than one’s body. It’s a combination of body, mind, and spirit. That’s why Healing Horizons multifaceted approach is so great. Just one example: I had chronic sinus infections and was constantly taking antibiotics. My general practitioner sent me to an allergist who determined that I had sinusitis. Then I started seeing Dr. Schulte who treated my sinus problems with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Dr. King addressed the stresses that were contributing to the sinus problems. Now I’m in the best sinus health of my life! At Dr. Schulte’s suggestion, I went to my general practitioner and had my thyroid tested. My general practitioner prescribed a thyroid medicine and my health has improved markedly. Dr. Schulte’s insights and her ability to work hand in hand with Western medicine are superb. “


Nancy S

“I had a wonderful massage from Don today. I found him to be very technically talented and professionally competent, as well as being a kind and caring person. Healing Horizons has found quite a gem in this massage therapist.”

Happy Student

Tami S

“My life has changed because of my experiences at Healing Horizons. Every practitioner I’ve encountered has impacted my health in ways I could never have imagined.  I worked in the “Western” medical field for over 17 years and never experienced such gentle, supportive, healing practices without any side effects. I’ve recommended Healing Horizons to many friends and family members.”

Natural Herbs

Shirley O

“Acupuncture has been very helpful for the sciatic pain I have been having.”

Acupuncture Session

Nadeen M.

“April Schulte-Barclay and her staff at Healing Horizons are wonderful. Dr. April has helped me tremendously with chronic nerve pain”

Happy Gal

Rebecca H

“Acupuncture and massage cured my allergies! My energy levels improved and feelings of wellness with the acupuncture and facial/reflexology contributed also. I feel so much better and am so grateful for the wonderful care I received at Healing Horizons!”

Abstract Shape

Whitney L

“After my appointment with Carolyn, I felt so much better, more relaxed and less worried.”

Relaxing Massage

Cindy N.

“I would like to thank Dr. Schulte, Koko, and Dr. Joe for their treatments that put me back together prior to my recent hip replacement surgery.  I had sudden onset of hip pain due to degenerative joint disease in my right hip.  Almost overnight, I went from hiking the Blue Lake trail to being unable to walk more than a block.  The pain also progressed from my hip to my knee and ankle.  I was unsure how I was going to cope until hip replacement surgery that would still be 3 months away.

I started with acupuncture and added chiropractic care with Dr. Joe following Dr. Schulte’s recommendations.  I have to admit, I was skeptical that chiropractic care would make a difference in bone on bone hip arthritis.  But I was willing to give it a try.  Within a month of combination care, I no longer had knee or ankle pain, I was sleeping better and walking greater distances.  I was able to go into my surgery in a better state of health and am on my path to healing.”

Happy Couple

Cindy W

“Healing Horizons is my new favorite place in town! I have so benefitted from the cumulative care from the entire office. The chiropractic care from Dr. Joe has helped me tremendously. After just 8 weeks of treatment I am completely pain free in my left shoulder and have started playing tennis again. Thank you for having such a positive impact on the quality of my life!”

Ankle and Ligaments

 Loretta S

“I have had pain in my left ankle for several years and have tried braces and orthotic shoes. Surgery has not been an option. Then I met Joseph. He has kept my pain level down to where I can live with it. I am so grateful that he has been able to help me so much!”

Red love heart on hearts

Georgie W

“I have had amazing healing with my depression, and aching body by Dr. April Schulte-Barclay, Dr. Paula King,  Joseph Ellerin and bodywork therapy. Thank you for helping to make my life better!”

Young Teacher

Kim M

“I came to April last year with hopes that acupuncture would boost my immune system. Being a teacher I am exposed to lots of germs and seemed sick a lot. This year, I’ve not been sick once in spite of lots of “bugs” my students had!”

Feet in the Ocean

Karen D

“O.M.G. Dr. Schulte, I just had to tell you that the pressure in my feet is gone as of yesterday evening after seeing you for acupuncture and receiving bodywork. I’m so thankful!”

Christmas Star

Connie Saelens-Barth

“Healing horizons helped me with alternative care during my cancer journey. Everything I needed was right there in one place!! They are like family to me! They know my life, are there for me and have supported me all the way! The entire staff is awesome!! I give them a humongous 100% satifactory rating! Thank you Healing Horizons for helping me kick cancers ass!!”


Heidi H

“From the moment I am greeted personally at the door, I appreciate the calm, healing, and friendly atmosphere of Healing Horizons. Every visit has resulted in an improvement in my health and my outlook, and I feel like I am treated as an individual participating in my healthcare rather than a “patient”. I have had a remarkable improvement in my physical well-being through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I’ve recently discovered the amazing experience of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. My family and I rely on the whole team at Healing Horizons for healthcare and wellness.”

Woman Sleeping

Kim M

“Have to say, these guys work wonders for anxiety, sleeplessness, immunity and hot flashes! (Not to mention the little aches & pains of aging!) Thank you, April!!!!”

Super Health Food

Lauren G

“Healing Horizons is my go-to health care facility in Grand Junction.”

Family at a Beach

Janie Q

“Healing Horizons has been a blessing to me and my family for many years.”

Reaching Out

Frieda K

“Acupuncture with Dr. Schulte combined with bodywork for my osteoarthritic hands and fingers has been a truly healing and calming experience. Since I started my treatments, my overall well-being is improved. My pain is significantly reduced and I have increased flexibility in my fingers. I would recommend acupuncture and RSI to anyone experiencing this type of problem.”


Lauren G

“I had been suffering from knee pain for a couple of years. After bodywork treatment my knee pain was almost completely gone, and I’ve had work on my hips, tilted pelvis. My pain level has been virtually eliminated.”

Back Pain

Pam C

“I usually need constant doses of ibuprophen in order to handle the back, hip and knee pain associated with long trips on the back of our Harley.  We just completed a 12 day, 2700 mile, road trip and it was virtually PAIN FREE!  I want to thank Joseph Ellerin and Diana Boydstun for their excellent care.”

Women with a Cause

Shirley A.

“Dr. Schulte and her staff helped me tremendously during my breast cancer treatments, and they continue to do so. Thank you!”

Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa

Bev W

“We lowered my blood pressure without medication…Yeah!”

Healing Stones

Pam C

“Very qualified and a caring healing center.”

Transparent Socks

Paul S

“I wanted to thank you and Diana for the excellent work you did on my ankle, feet, and legs. When I came to see you in April, I could only walk two hundred feet to our mailbox. During our three weeks in England, my wife’s Fitbit showed that we walked almost seven miles a day, doing nine miles once, and eight-and-a-half miles twice! Our Tour Guide even gave me an award — a “Keep Calm and Carry On” refrigerator magnet for my perseverance. The pain on the inside of my ankle is almost gone, so I can happily resume my daily walks.”

Rock in Sand

Bunny F

“I fell in love with Healing Horizons as soon as I walked in the door. The energy and atmosphere is very soothing. I have had two sessions with acupuncture and am amazed how great I feel!”


Anna N

“I struggled through four miscarriages, with Western medicine telling me there was nothing they could do to help. I was unsure about acupuncture, but was ready to try anything to reach my dream. Dr. Schulte helped me become a more calm and centered person. I am now pregnant and will be a better mother to my future baby!”

Sleeping Baby

Laurie H

“My 5 month old was on his second round of ear infections and after treating the first with antibiotics I tried homeopathy. Joseph was willing to fit my son in at the end of his day. I went home with a remedy to help his ears and some digestive problems he was having. My son almost immediately got better! I felt relieved and cared for, and was so happy my son wasn’t in any more pain. I would recommend Joseph to anyone I know, and I will be going back to him for treatment for my children as needed.”


Doris J

“Don is amazing. I am grateful because he has helped me so much.”

Dandelion Fields

Stephanie and Ben C

“My husband has suffered from allergies and asthma for well over 30 years. After only one month of acupuncture treatments with Michael and April he rarely takes allergy pills or uses his inhaler. He says he has never felt healthier.”


Kathy D

“Over the past four years I have been receiving acupuncture along with Chinese herbal therapy from Dr. Schulte. I have found it to be a wonderful experience and very helpful for my chronic and acute symptoms. When she expanded her office with other therapies, I took the opportunity to try Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. I would recommend to anyone who is open to trying something new to explore the various methods of possibilities for body, mind and spirit.”

Herbal Remedies

Nicci C

“Dr. Schulte and the amazing team of providers at Healing Horizons have helped me to feel better after many years of back pain and health issues. I didn’t want to take a bunch of pain medications to cover up my symptoms. Holistic health care has addressed the underlying cause of my symptoms and helped me make lifestyle changes to feel better than I have in years. Thanks for providing such a caring facility!”-

Shoulder Treatment

Connie M

“I had one needle in my wrist for neck pain and had decreased pain and increased range of motion.”


Penny T

“My chiropractor was amazed to see my improved range of motion after just one bodywork treatment at Healing Horizons!”

Family Portrait 5

Deb A

“Healing Horizons has made a difference in our family’s health.”


Diana G.

“Dr. Schulte-Barclay and the whole team have helped not only my headaches, but my whole body, mind, and soul! They a great caring, professional, group of people and I can’t thank them enough for all that they do for me and many others.”

Back Massage

Helen M.

“I no longer have to get injections in my back since acupuncture!”

Front of Car

Deb A

“Healing Horizons helps people tap into their self-healing potential. I have received care there for my thyroid health and recovery from a car accident as well as received massages.”

Couple Holding Hands

Tom G’s wife

“Joseph has performed acupuncture on my husband for the past four months. It has been observed that his ability to get out of chairs and off and on the bed, has improved. He did not want to come to Healing Horizons in the beginning for treatment but now comes without any encouragement from me. Hallelujah!”

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