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Functional Medicine

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions
Grand Junction, CO

Functional Medicine is a system which addresses the underlying causes of disease. It uses a systems oriented approach which looks at adrenal, gut and liver/detox health.

Some key benefits of Functional Medicine include:
Individualized treatments based on certain lab results
Addresses the underlying causes of disease
Assists your body in its own ability to heal

A list of conditions Functional Medicine can help:

Chronic fatigue
Auto immune disorders
Weight gain
Female hormone imbalances

Who should consider functional medicine?

Have you visited your doctor, been treated and still feel sick? Or are you on medication that is only partially helping or has side effects? That’s when you should consider trying functional medicine, says Dr. Hyman.Patients with a wide variety of conditions can benefit from a functional medicine approach, including:

Cardiometabolic conditions – diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease
Neurological and psychiatric conditions – depression, attention deficit disorder and migraine headaches
Digestive disorders – irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, chronic pancreatitis, acid reflux and diverticulosis
Autoimmune diseases – rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and celiac disease
Skin disorders – psoriasis, acne and eczema
Hormonal problems – thyroid conditions, chronic fatigue and menopause

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