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Massage Therapy

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions
Grand Junction, CO

Whether you are receiving massage for the relaxation benefits or to cure what ails you, Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions is your best option.

Here is why:

The Team of Experienced Licensed Massage Therapists:
At Healing Horizons offers a wide variety of massage techniques that are individualized for the client’s needs.  While some folks prefer a Swedish massage to induce a deep relaxation response, other clients are in need of a therapeutic massage to help with various musculoskeletal pains. 

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions Offers:
The most professional atmosphere for healing in town.  As soon as a patient enters our beautifully designed clinic, they are immediately transported into a state of peacefulness.  The treatment rooms are clean and designed to meet the comfort needs of each and every client.

The Diverse Team of Professionals at Healing Horizons:
Work together to provide individualized care plans.  Your licensed massage therapist may recommend a different massage therapist who offers a different style of massage or another practitioner who specializes in a different modality of care, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, behavioral health, homeopathy or counseling.

Healing Horizons offers specialized massage techniques, some of which are only offered at Healing Horizons and not at any other clinic in town.  Those techniques include:

Oncology massage:
Cancer patients are dealing with a set of health circumstances different from any other patient when it comes to what is appropriate to receive when it comes to massage and bodywork.  Trained and certified oncology massage therapist, Melissa Chambers,  ensures that each cancer patient receives massage in a safe way to help alleviate peripheral neuropathy, lymphatic swelling, pain and more.

Medical Massage:
Provided for folks who are looking to fix a specific musculoskeletal imbalance during massage.  Medical massage feels like physical therapy combined with therapeutic massage.  It is appropriate for folks with pelvic imbalances, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, complicated back pain, hip pain, knee pain and more.

Therapeutic Massage:
Healing Horizons provides the best form of therapeutic massage (massage geared toward improving the general health and well-being of the patient) by addressing each client’s needs individually. 

Swedish Massage:
The perfect gift for a loved one, Swedish massage aims at relaxing the entire body by using long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

By applying pressure at various points along the foot (and sometimes the hand), the therapist can identify areas of imbalance in the entire body.  While relaxing and therapeutic for the client, it can also help the team with diagnosis.

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage:
This 90-minute massage induces a healing response associated with the warmed Himalayan sea salt crystal combined with the expertise of Therapist, Carie Hansen, student massage therapist, provides the ultimate opportunity for healing for conditions caused by stress (neck pain/tension, headaches, back pain, shoulder tension and more). 

Deep Tissue Massage:
A form of therapeutic tissue massage and deeper than Swedish massage, deep tissue is appropriate to address the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

Lymphatic Massage:
Very appropriate in cases of chronic swelling and inflammation from diseases such as cold/flu, cancer, heart problems, allergies, lymphatic blockage and more, this massage is performed only by specialized massage therapists who are trained to assist the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body.

Massage and Energy Healing:
Every good healer recognizes that the body is energy.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

Craniosacral Technique:
Craniosacral therapy is a form of massage/bodywork that facilitates the flow of cerebral spinal fluid along the central nervous system to facilitate the healing of emotional imbalance and various types of head pain, including trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, tooth pain, neck pain, headaches and more.   While Joseph Ellerin, LMT, LAc, Classical Homeopath, offers his expertise in several areas, he utilizes craniosacral therapy when appropriate to meet his patients’ needs. 

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