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Life and Health Coaching

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions
Grand Junction, CO

Coaching is the applied art and science of goal fulfillment, renewal and transformation. It differs from psychotherapy in that the focus is on specific strategies to facilitate the realization and fulfillment of current goals and future aspirations. Coaching sessions do not delve into the past or seek healing of mental health issues or traumas. Coaching contains more direction and education than is typical of therapy.

Dr. Paula King is certified by the Hudson Institute as a life and health coach. The Hudson Institute is one of the founding coach programs in the country and remains a leader in the field of coach training.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Learn goal-setting strategies

  • Develop detailed plans for success

  • Explore personal values and how they relate to success

  • Understand the cycle of life and how to apply the knowledge to your life journey

  • Learn imagery skills and how to apply them for success

  • Learn negotiation skills

  • Develop assertive communication skills

  • Understand the power of self-talk and how to apply it for success

  • Explore beliefs and how they support or undermine success


  • Managing change and transition

  • Realizing fulfillment of goals

  • Getting unstuck

  • Enhances relationships

  • Career management issues

  • Helps manage a health crisis

  • Support and help for caregivers

  • Helps develop leadership skills

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