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Mariel Steel, LMT

Massage Therapist
Mariel 2021 Head Shot.JPG

Wherever she is, Mariel loves helping people!


Mariel moved from Central Florida to Colorado in December of 2020, and soon after joined the Healing Horizon team. She graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health (now Cortiva Institute) with an associate degree in massage and advanced massage techniques and has been working in her field as a licensed massage therapist since 2004. She has worked in a variety of places from salon/day spas to wellness centers and medical offices, including resorts and timeshares near Disneyworld.


Mariel combines different massage techniques and modalities to create customized treatments for each client based on their personal goals, their feedback and how she feels the soft tissue responding. Combining deep tissue techniques to release hypersensitive points in the muscle that refer pain (called trigger points) and more gentle techniques like craniosacral therapy to calm the nervous system, help boost the immune system and help the body heal. Mariel has helped patients with musculoskeletal disfunction due to auto accident injuries as well as people with repetitive use/overuse of injuries and sports related injuries. With myofascial release, Mariel focuses on the connective tissue, or fascia, that shrink wraps the muscle first before releasing the muscle underneath with the intent of longer lasting results.


When not at work, Mariel likes to be outside hiking with her husband or taking aerial silk classes.

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