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Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions

Grand Junction, CO
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Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions is an integrative wellness center created to provide quality care by unifying the expertise of a team of practitioners who are proficient and adept in their respective fields of healthcare. Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, our alternative health care team believes that each modality of healthcare has different strengths, and integration of these strengths amplifies the quality and efficacy of care. While a variety of services are offered at Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions, clients are encouraged to consider our Healing Horizons Wellness Program, which has been designed to integrate multiple modalities to meet the unique healthcare needs of each individual.

About the Healing Horizons Wellness Program

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Your team of healthcare professionals has combined their wealth of knowledge and years of experience to create a unique and affordable wellness program designed to provide you the opportunity to reach your truest potential in living a healthy and vibrant life. Upon entering the program, you will meet with your health coach and be presented with a Healing Horizons Wellness Program binder to track and develop your Wellness Program progress. Your health coach will work with you and our team to integrate and individualize your Wellness Program.

Treatment Plan Will Include:

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  • Regular sessions with your Wellness Program navigator

  • Regular treatment sessions with alternating practitioners as the plan dictates

  • Bi-monthly collaborative meetings designed to tailor the program for each client

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