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Paula King

Behavioral Health & Life Coaching

As a psychologist and life coach, Dr. Paula King, PhD, specializes in helping people create the behavioral patterns associated with accomplished and effective living. Whether working with a couple on their relationship, a CEO on developing additional management skills, a person on managing a diagnosis of cancer or dealing with chronic pain, an athlete on performance enhancement, or an artist on connecting with their muse, Dr. King encourages a deeper and broader appreciation of their current; strengths while identifying new possibilities for growth and development.

Dr. King relies on her profound belief in each person’s unique inner wisdom to guide the individualized discovery and growth process.

Dr. King brings to her work a varied background which includes: A doctorate in Psychology and Adult Education from Arizona State University, coaching certification from the Hudson Institute, certification as an interactive imagery guide from the Academy for Guided Imagery, a bachelors degree in physical education, over 25 years experience in a general psychology practice and 10 years as a performance specialist working with professional and amateur athletes. In addition, Dr. King authored “A Trust Walk: Mindful Golf”, and her articles have often appeared in The Arizona Republic (the Phoenix daily newspaper), and a variety of national magazines.

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