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Judith Olesen, BA

Nutrition and Memory Coach

Nutrition and Memory Coach Judith Olesen appreciates the opportunity to join Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions team of skilled and compassionate practitioners. She believes that collaboration with diverse professionals who practice root cause, whole person healthcare delivers the very best results for patients. She also is passionate about educating patients to be involved and informed participants in their own health journeys. 

Judith is certified in the Dale Bredesen, MD, ReCODE 2.0 protocol for preventing and reversing cognitive decline ( ReCODE, which stands for Reversal of Cognitive Decline, fundamentally changes the way cognitive decline is evaluated and treated. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach that does not identify what is causing cognitive decline, ReCODE investigates dozens of potential contributors. Based on the findings, a personalized, precision protocol is developed that addresses the multiple contributing factors for the particular individual. 

Rarely does cognitive decline have only a single contributor — somewhat surprisingly, there may be 10 or more. Therefore, the protocol addresses all the contributors, whether they include insulin resistance, neuroinflammation, pathogens, biotoxins, vascular compromise, sleep apnea, altered oral or gut microbiome, or other factors. Utilizing a team approach, Judith collaborates with clients’ primary care physicians and other practitioners to support individuals throughout their implementation of the Bredesen protocol. 

Judith also is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City, one of the oldest such programs in the world. For many of us as we age, we wish we could journey back to a time when we felt better, had more energy, slept better, and looked better. And, for many, that prospect seems no more than wishful thinking. But scientific research now tells us that, given the proper nutrition, lifestyle practices, and targeted supplements, the human body and mind have incredible potential for recovery and regeneration at any age. 

Judith’s commitment to supporting others in their health journeys stems from her early 20s when she was assistant editor for a nonprofit magazine that published articles on nutrition. Throughout her decades-long career as a consultant helping diverse nonprofit organizations raise more than $50 million, she pursued her interest in the intimate relationships between our food choices and health as well as in the importance of participating actively in one’s own healthcare. 

As the wife of an organic farmer in Palisade, Colorado, Judith became even more passionate about the vital role of nutrition in sustaining health throughout life. She was motivated to earn a Nurse Aide certificate from Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs, when her mother died in a hospital from an infection which progressed to sepsis that was only diagnosed following her death. As a Nurse Aide, she assisted families caring for loved ones with cognitive decline in their homes. 

When her father developed Alzheimer’s and was cared for at home by family members until his passing, Judith’s passion for helping people prevent cognitive decline deepened. These experiences instilled in her compassion for those facing cognitive challenges as well as a deeply felt desire to be of assistance to others. Following her certifications as a nutrition coach and subsequently as a memory 
coach, she chose to focus on the area of healthcare that inspires her most — helping people as they age to prevent cognitive decline and to achieve and sustain their individual wellness goals for all their lives. She believes the Bredesen Protocol provides the best tools and resources for achieving these goals. It truly offers realistic hope for all those seeking to preserve their minds and memories for life. 

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