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How Organ Massage Can Improve Fertility

Free Press- October 18 ,2013

by Micah Priest, RMT

Massage has been well established to help decrease and take away aches and pains in the body. What the average person does not know about this field of health care is that a therapist can provide organ massage. Did it ever come to mind that massage can improve digestion, breathing and even fertility in women?

When thinking about organs, we usually think of organs as operating to keep our bodies functioning properly. Internal organs are considered involuntary muscles, which means we cannot control the contractions that they make. They continuously perform on an innate basis. Since our organs are also a type of muscle, doesn’t that mean they, too, could hold tension as our muscular system does? Of course, they could! Sometimes a health problem can be originating from Organs, just like other muscles, can form adhesions or harden if they don’t get enough movement. Adhesions can be caused from inflammation, infection, radiation or previous surgeries. Let’s consider the specific example of adhesions forming in the Fallopian tubes or uterine wall. Unfortunately, this can make it more difficult for women to conceive children. Receiving organ massage on the abdomen with an emphasis on the uterus can assist in releasing the tension of the adhesions that may be around the Fallopian tubes or within the uterine muscle and allow the uterine wall to be in a more relaxed state. This can help create a healthier uterine wall for the placenta of the embryo to attach to during conception. As a result, this is a safe and affordable option for women who have difficultly with fertility. Not to mention, it’s a time to pamper one’s self with a relaxing massage.the organ itself instead of the skeletal muscles.

It is important to remember that uterine massage is only one piece to the puzzle in fertility care. We must consider where our mental and emotional status falls into the picture. At Healing Horizons, we have a fair number of female patients that come to the clinic specifically having fertility issues. We provide wonderful care for women and couples who are seeking solutions throughout a pregnancy whether it is infertility issues, prenatal care, postpartum issues, or all three.

Our clinic is based on collaborative care and offers numerous treatments to boost fertility. Behavioral health psychology aids in overcoming emotional aspects with previous fertility problems and explores the connection between the mind and body. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have a great success with aiding couples in becoming and staying pregnant. Chiropractic care can create balance and alignment, and clear the nervous system for the reproductive organs to function more efficiently. Nutrition provides education on the nutrients that are needed to replenish the reproductive system, during and after a pregnancy.

When combining these treatments with Western medicine, it can give you a head and shoulders advantage over just utilizing only one form of treatment. If you are having fertility struggles, consider the benefits of uterine massage. It is a chance to rejuvenate and relax the organs. I like to call it nurturing the nurturer.

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