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Dr Paula King Featured in Popular Psychology Magazine

Psychologists integrated into a medical practice is more and more common in today’s world of medicine, but a psychologist offering their services in a complementary care practice is exceedingly rare.  The fact that Dr. Paula King’s psychology practice is fully integrated with practitioners whose modalities include acupuncture, cranial work, homeopathy, massage, facial rejuvenation, reflexology and nutrition, makes her practice very unique.

It is the rarity of her type of practice that makes her of interest to the editor of the Monitor on Psychology.  The Monitor is the national publication of the American Psychological Association, and the APA is the professional association for all licensed psychologists in the United States. The magazine is also available online and is read internationally by those interested in mental health issues.

One focus of the magazine is highlighting current issues, both local and global, that are of concern to practicing psychologists.  Another part of their mission is to feature psychologists in unique practice settings in order to encourage a broader perspective among their readers of possible applications of psychology training. The article about Dr. King provides such a perspective

The article about Dr. King’s practice focuses on the integration and collaboration among practitioners occurring on a daily basis at Healing Horizons.  The team of Healing Horizon practitioners create individualized treatment plans for any patient desiring a team approach to their healing journey.  Patients may choose to work with one, two, or three practitioners, or they often choose to participate in a three month wellness program designed specifically for their health needs.

Each of the Healing Horizons practitioners acknowledge the connections between mind, body, and spirit, and understand that all of these aspects are essential to the process of healing and equally influence a person’s health and well being.  Healing Horizons is a unique medical clinic, offering it’s patients a cutting edge medical experience where each patient has the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented group of professionals who talk to one another on a regular basis in order to create the best possible treatment plan for that person.

The Monitor on Psychology recognized the uniqueness of Healing Horizons, and of Dr. King’s special contribution to the philosophy of care, and to the collaboration among the practitioners, and their article clearly points out that It is indeed a rare kind of practice in today’ s medical world.

Chinese Medicine Meets Pschotherapy

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