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Raven Grinstead, LMT

Massage Therapist

Raven Grinstead, LMT, was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and raised in a small town in Kansas. She returned to her birthplace to explore her deep interest in personal healing where she was introduced to the power of healing touch and alternative health education. Early in 2018, Raven began her massage career in Grand Junction at IntelliTecCollege where she trained under amazing instructors and healers. Shortly after graduating in September, 2018, she began her practice under a local chiropractor, fine-tuning her massage style and talents. In February, 2020, Raven was given her first opportunity to branch into sports therapies and was honored to work with the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, hosted by Colorado Mesa University. Raven’s skills now focus on deep tissue and myofascial release techniques and therapeutic range-of-motion and stretching exercise. She is trained in pain-specific treatment and trigger point therapies, the treatment of sciatic pain and psoas/iliacus release. Raven firmly believes that patients are not their symptoms, and her strategic approach aims to solve pain problems at their root rather than treating just the symptoms on the surface. When she is not healing, Raven loves to travel and camp with her dogs and cat, always on the lookout for a new adventure. She plays the flute and loves the occasional video game. She is thrilled to be serving her community and collaborating with such an exemplary and highly skilled team of practitioners!

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