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Nursing & IV Nutrient Modality

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions
Grand Junction, CO

IV Nutrient Modality

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & other nutrients, using a peripheral vein, for direct absorption into the vascular system ensuring 100% of nutrients end up into your cells for optimal cellular performance. Customizable nutrients support the body’s systems with benefits including immunity boost, anti-aging, detoxification, increased athletic performance, improved GI, muscle, & nerve health, increased cognitive function & alleviation of mild aches, & viruses.

IV Nutrient Therapy Q&A:

What is an IV?

An abbreviated term for intravenous route meaning that a small flexible catheter is inserted into a peripheral vein using a needle that comes right out once the vein is accessed. The catheter is left in place to administer fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. 


What is IV Nutrient Therapy? 

A safe & effective way for delivering vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream bypassing your GI tract allowing 100% absorption of nutrients. 


Where does the IV go? 

The IV is placed in a peripheral vein located in an upper extremity (hand/arm). Consideration of which vein is used includes looking at both extremities, your preference, finding the biggest vein without valves near the catheter site, and finding the most comfortable place to have a catheter. Careful consideration every time is key for successful access with only one attempt. 


Will the IV hurt? 

The needle insertion to access a vein for the catheter causes a pinching sensation that is uncomfortable for the time the needle is in the vein (immediately taken out once the catheter is in place). The catheter stays in place and provides very minimal discomfort since it is small and flexible, but local nerves do provide a sensation there is something there – the nervous system working at its best to cue the body there is something foreign detected. When the IV comes out there is another sensation of very minimal discomfort as nerves sense movement. 


How long will my infusion take? 

An IV bag takes about 30-60 minutes to be administered. An hour is always scheduled for infusions to allow for flexibility, including time it takes to care plan. We ask you to free your schedule for at least 1.5hrs to make sure there is enough time to get what you need. During the infusion you can sit, lie down, or move around and take this time to relax. 


Is it safe? 

Yes, a 503A/503B FDA sterile compounding pharmacy is used for ingredients and infusions are administered by a licensed, skilled IV specialist under the supervision of a licensed Medical Director. 


Are there any side effects? 

The most common side effect is a cold sensation in your arm during the infusion due to the fluids being room air temperature. Other side effects may include tasting the vitamins, mild nausea, insomnia on first night (due to increased energy), bruising to the IV site, discomfort during infusion, and urine discoloration or smell while vitamin waste is excreted. Rare side effects include infection at IV site, rashes, and air embolism. The licensed RN is trained to manage all side effects that may occur, and side effects are usually very minor and short lived if they even occur at all. 


What about allergic reaction? 

Since all ingredients are nutrients found naturally in your body or foods eaten, an allergic reaction is exceedingly rare. Careful history is obtained and if there is known allergy to ingredient it will not be infused. 


How long will effects last? 

Effects are felt differently for each person due to differences, like metabolism. Effects vary from immediate response to effects felt the next day and last for days to weeks. 


How often should I receive IV nutrient therapy? 

This depends on each individual’s goals. It is recommended that infusions for wellness should be at least bi-monthly. For strong boosting it is recommended to do infusions once a week for 3 weeks. 


Is there anything I should do before or after my IV therapy? 

Drinking at least 16-32oz. of water is strongly recommended. Please come for your infusion wearing clothing that can provide easy access to your arms all the way up to your elbow. It is recommended you eat prior to your appointment as some of the vitamins/minerals can cause nausea if infused on an empty stomach. Planning and recommendations are made with each infusion during the visit & include encouragement to continue health & wellness independently as the leader of your care. 

Download above IV Nutrient Therapy Q&A to print or save this information for later.


For any questions not already answered please feel free to call at 970-256-8449!

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