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Diane Boydstun LMT

Diana Boydstun, LMT

Diana Boydstun, LMT, began her career in the Grand Valley upon graduating from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage of Western Colorado.  Her passion for essential oils led her to also obtain her certification through Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies.

Within her massage work, her unique attention to detail along with her knowledge of the body soon caught the attention of chiropractors who encouraged her to seek advanced training in Muscle Release Technique from Michael Young.  This therapy focuses on common chronic and acute soft tissue problems such as chronic low back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain and plantar fasciitis.

Diana furthered her education and completed training in Medical Massage with David Morin, known for his work with Olympic athletes.  As a result of this training she has created signature techniques that often include incorporating stretches to better isolate and address sources of pain and discomfort during a massage session.

Diana also safely provides massage for cancer patients.  She received training in Oncology Massage under Tracy Walton, the leading expert in oncology massage.  This practice serves to address fatigue, anxiety, nausea, pain, swelling and other imbalances such as insomnia and depression.

In addition to her superb skills and unique gifts as a massage therapist, Diana is also an experienced teacher.  She taught at IntelliTec College where she particularly enjoyed taking the complexities of anatomy and kinesiology and teaching them in a meaningful way to her students.  Diana’s clients reap the benefit of her skills and knowledge both while in treatment and through her knowledge of self-care techniques she shares with her clients.

Healing Horizons Integrated Health Solutions provides the perfect opportunity for Diana to make use of her skills and share her passion for creating space in your life for your body’s ability to heal itself.